Monday, January 2, 2012

Carson's 3rd Christmas... new traditions!

This year was filled with firsts, that will hopefully become new traditions for The Schnell Family during the holidays!

We went with some of our good friends up to "The North Pole" (in Arizona) and experienced our first ride on the Polar Express. This was a wonderful time for all of our families!
Carson with two of his BFFs on the Polar Express - Zack and Livia!

Another new experience is we went on a horse-drawn-carriage, sleigh ride in Las Vegas. It was interesting as the picture shows, Carson was very tired for some reason and didn't love it, but we are certain next year he'll be the perfect age for this activity!

For our second year, we went to Opportunity Village where they have lots of light displays. This year Uncle went with us again, but he also had Auntie Mia and Baby Mavin as a part of our family in 2011! We are definitely looking forward to many more years of this event, and hopefully Caron will not be scared of Santa in 2012!

Here is a picture of Carson with his Nanny Salud. He calls her "Lude" and couldn't love her any more. You can see that in his eyes!!

For Christmas Eve we got all dressed up and went to a nice dinner at The Mirage with The Goods. We had a wonderful time, and went to Venetian to experience "Winter in Venice" - hopefully we can do this again next year as well!

Here are Carson and Livia, all dolled up for Christmas Eve triple date (with their parents)!
Christmas morning Carson woke up to find a stocking over-filled with goodies from Santa!

He also got a huge train set, you can see he was very happy, and a little surprised by the gift!
And as always, we light our menorah throughout Hanukkah, to enjoy some of the celebration of lights. This year, we lit Nana's menorah, here is Carson on the final night saying "Ha-ku-nah!" he asked to do it every night, and loved to help light the candles!

We are looking forward to many more experiences in 2012, and sharing them with all of you (a little more frequently is one of our resolutions)! Happy New Year to all!


While I realized this is a severely out-dated post, I have been a terrible blogger. It's hard when you only have 2 naps per weekend of time alone to get on the computer, usually laundry and cleaning are a priority!

Here are a few pictures of our wonderful fall...

Carson and I went and looked at pumpkins at a pick-your-own patch not far from our house on his 2nd birthday. Later in the day we took him to see The Lion King on his birthday, which he loved!

Then for his birthday, we planned a trip to Disneyland. Both sets of grandparents came along, as well as his 3 favorite boy cousins! :)

Here's Carson enjoying his time at Disney!

We also made our first trip to Zion National Park this fall with our new friends, The Good Family. It was beautiful, and certainly not our last trip to Zion!

And for Caron's 3rd Halloween, he chose to be a Tiger. Here he is growling before he went out trick-or-treating, which he was surprisingly good at!

Another great season spent with the coolest kid we know... next up our Christmas post! :)