Sunday, January 2, 2011

Carson's 2nd Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas in 2010. Below is a small sampling of the 400+ pictures we took to capture the fun we shared! :)

The Schnellys

Carson in his new car that Santa brought him - a total hit!

Family pic - getting ready to open our stockings

Carson loved the stocking goodies, and helped all of us pull our goodies out

Carson trying on his baseball glove that Uncle Michael bought him... too cute!

Cute little boy after all the gifts had been opened at home.

Next stop - Christmas fun at Grandmama and Grandad's in Modesto, CA
Grandmama and Cousins Dylan and Devan made an awesome Snowman Cake
Matching cousins in their Christmas Jammies :)

Carson was the referee (binkie and all) for his cousins bout on Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots game!
Carson got a step stool (handmade by Grandad) for his bedroom... awesome!

Christmas fun!

Our new traditional - my best friends Melissa and Darcy brought their kids over for some play time fun. Pictured below are Darcy's sons Ryan (6 months), Sean (28 months), Carson (14 months), and Melissa's daughter Elliott (almost 16 months).

Here are the kiddos with their Mommies

And before we headed back to the airport, Carson posed for one great picture with his Scott grandparents!

We had a memorable holiday season and know each year will bring more and more fun for Carson. He continues to grow and learn, and now that he has started walking and talking (a few words), Jeff and I are soaking in all that he can do and cherishing each step as they really go by too fast.

Happy New Year to you, our friends and family!