Saturday, February 21, 2009

Home from our cruise

Jeff and I returned to Vegas today after our wonderful vacation. We enjoyed all of the ports we visited, as well as relaxing on the cruise ship, but hope to return to some of these great places in Mexico for a longer stay in the future. Enjoy some of the pictures from our cruise below.

One of the many beautiful sunsets we saw during the week:

A picture of us relaxing in Puerto Vallarta where we went horseback riding, on a speed boat tour of the coastline, and had a wonderful lunch on this private beach:

This is our second port, Mazatlan, where we spent the day walking (5 miles) along the coast. We also enjoyed lunch at The Shrimp Factory, and did a bit of shopping.

Our third and final port was Cabo San Lucas. We had a blast whale watching in Cabo and we spent a little time shopping there as well. We were only in Cabo for 1/2 a day, so this is definitely a place we know we will return.

One more picture of us before we got back on the ship in Cabo.

We also made good friends with our neighbors at dinner. Two wonderful couples from Dallas and Phoenix who we are sure to see again, probably when they come to Vegas.

As you know, vacations are wonderful... but all too short. Thankfully, the great memories will last a lifetime!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bon Voyage!

Jeff and I leave in the morning for a week long vacation. We leave from L.A. and will be on a week long Princess Cruise to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I know we will have plenty of pictures and stories to share when we get back...

We will be cruising on-board the Sapphire Princess:

While we are gone, Michael and Erica will be moving into their FIRST HOUSE! Congrats guys, so sorry we won't be here to help move (mean it)! xoxo!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jeff's birthday!

Last night we went out to celebrate Jeff's birthday. We had dinner at The Burger Bar inside Mandalay Bay, then we watched UFC 94 - where Georges St-Pierre beat up on B.J. Penn, much to the birthday boy's liking!

A funny side note - Erica loves UFC. Well, she has a curse, and no-matter what fighter she wants to win, they always lose. And last night was no exception (even though she thought she ended the curse by coloring her hair darker), B.J. Penn cost her $20 and even more than that in pride. Poor Ittle-Wittle! :(

After the fight we went over to meet some of our friends to watch Jed's band - The Mess. We were there for an hour and they hadn't started (although we did get to hear Jed do a duet), and we had to get home. We had been gone for 7+ hours and our doggys need us. Sorry Jed, next time we will plan better so we can watch the whole show!

Here is a picture of us at Mandalay Bay's closed-circut event last night:

Here is the happy birthday boy celebrating his victory:

And now, it's Super Bowl time!! Go Cards!!!