Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our new home!

So here is the whole story...

We had absolutely no intention of buying another house. We had talked about how nice it would be to take advantage of the ridiculously low-priced real estate market in Vegas, but we knew it was more of a dream than a reality.

After a good friend of mine at work started looking to buy a house, she would email me listings of homes they liked. When I saw the amazing values of these homes, I had to tell Jeff about it. We talked to a couple Realtors and decided, it was definitely a buyers market, so we would look to see if we found something we couldn't resist, and if so, we would keep our house and rent it out.

After looking at one house, we fell in love and knew this was a deal we could NOT pass up. 2 months later, we moved into our new home on Spiced Strawberry, truely my dream home, a place where we will live for MANY years. Below are a few pictures of the living space and the outdoor space (almost half an acre which is unheard of in Vegas)... more to come in the Spring when our new landscaping is in full bloom.

Front Elevation:
Family Room:

Family Room and Dining Room (view from the kitchen)
Our Kitchen (SO big, I have a few cabinets with 2 items in them... one just had Tupperware lids!):
Formal Dining Room (looking out to the front of the house and our courtyard):
Living Room (this is open to the Formal Dining Room)
Our gorgeous pool:
In this picture you can't really tell, but the way the yard is set up is the pool is in the middle, and then on both sides of the pool there are grassy areas surrounded by landscaping... SO NICE!
The other grassy area on the right side of the pool: We invite you to come visit so you can see the rest. We didn't take pictures of the 4 bedrooms, or super-sized loft area (upstairs), so you will have to come and see it for yourself! :)

Happy 1st Birthday to ME!

On October 23, we celebrated Carson's 1st Birthday in Porterville, where his Great-Great Grandmother, Momma, was celebrating her 100th Birthday. It was a wonderful weekend with the Scott Family, looking back on our little man's first year.
Carson loved the birthday cake (mostly frosting) that his Grandmama got for him.
A week later on Halloween (in our new house) we had Carson's 1st Birthday Party. His family and friends came over for a football themed party, filled with love, good food, cake, presents and laughter. Here is "Carson Palmer" posing for a picture.
After chowing down on his birthday cake:

And here is Carson playing with a balloon. He was kind of afraid of balloons, but after his party, he became a little more comfortable with them.

It is really amazing to look back on how much Carson has changed throughout his first year. We somehow love him more and more with each passing day, and really enjoy all of the changes he is making as he becomes more of a little boy with a very distinct personality. I think Carson is going to be funny, as he will play and just crack up at the littlest things... but only time will tell.

Many more posts to come, I promise. It isn't easy trying to chase after him, keep up our new big house (pictures coming), and still find time to blog, but I will make more of an effort.

Happy Holidays to all of our Friends and Family! xoxo