Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day! And Summer fun!

This morning we took Jeff out to breakfast at Silverstone Golf Club. We were going to hit golf balls on the driving range together after breakfast, but it was too windy. I got this great picture of Jeff and Carson together at breakfast, Carson was saying "cheeeeeeeeessssseeeeeee!"

Here are some pictures of us enjoying our summer - Carson trying out t-ball, night golf, swimming and the last picture is our trip to the circus yesterday!

Carson ready to go "imming!"

We have some great pictures to load from Uncle Michael and Auntie Mia's wedding last week, we will try to Blog about their special day within the week.

Lots more summer fun to be had for now!


The Schnellys

Easter 2011

Sorry for this VERY tardy post. It seems a few motherly tasks take precedence over blogging these days. However, I again promise to try and be better about it...

Here are some pictures from our Cincinnati trip for Easter, yes, Easter that took place two months ago!

The first day we arrived was our only full day of sunshine, and we went to the awesome Cincinnati Zoo with Grandma, Grandpa and Cousin Mia!
The tulips were beautiful in full-bloom!

The second day of our trip we celebrated our niece's baby shower. We didn't have any great pics of the mommy-to-be, Brittany, but here is a cute picture of Carson with his Aunt Tracey and his cousin Mia.

The skies quit dumping on us for about 2 hours, just long enough for an impromptu Easter Egg Hunt in Grandpa's yard!

Carson with his grandparents, too cute!

And here, the cousins got to hit a few putts on Grandpa's putting green. Mia can't wait for Carson to be bigger so they can play golf together!

And the first time (surely there will be MANY more of these pictures as Carson grows up) - riding on Grandpa's tractor!

We always have a great time with The Schnell Family, and we are already looking forward to our next trip for the Labor Day Party! Hopefully, this time we won't get rained out so we can see more of Grandma and Grandpa's friends!