Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Carson's First Christmas!

We returned on Sunday from a nice long weekend in California celebrating Carson's first Christmas. Here is a brief photograph recap of our family's first trip!

The Three Schnells at Grandmama and Grandad's house:

Here is our precious little Santa Clause hanging out on the couch:

Carson's Auntie and Cousin Dylan were SO happy to see him when we first arrived to Fresno:

When we got to Modesto, Suzi, Darcy and Melissa all got together with our kids. Our kids are all born within 15 months of each other and this was the first time they all met. Carson, Sean and Elliott are pictured below, TOO cute!

Here is a picture of all the families - Darcy, Jeff and Sean on the left; Melissa, Shannon and Elliott in the middle; and The Schnells on the right.

On Christmas day we went to Nana's so Carson could meet his great grandmother:

Hanging out at Grandmama and Grandad's house, Carson and his cousins were so cute in their Christmas pajamas! (Carson was getting sleepy!)

Here is Carson with his great grandparents on my dad's side - Gene and Dorla (Grandma and Granddad):
Here is the entire Scott family, what a great picture!!
We had a wonderful vacation together and Carson was VERY spoiled on his first Christmas. We didn't have room to post pictures of ALL of his gifts, but I am sure we will get plenty of those pictures in future posts as he gets older and starts to enjoy playing with his gifts.
Happy Holidays to all!!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Today Mommy finally took Carson to sit on Santa's lap. We waited in line for 2 hours, but it was worth it to get this great shot of him.

Carson dreaming of his First Christmas! What a sweetheart!

Fall Fun!

Although today is the official first day of winter, we were able to enjoy the last of the fall leaves over the weekend with Carson.

Please note, this photo shoot was Jeff's idea. The pics came out great, so I won't complain about our newborn son being tossed into a pile of leaves! :)
We are looking forward to celebrating Christmas in California this year with friends and family. We leave on Wednesday and will return on Sunday. Many more pictures to come!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Carson's First Hanukkah!

Last night was the first night of Hanukkah, and we had to light the menorah and celebrate with Carson. Here are a couple cute pictures we got of him sitting by the menorah.

This picture Daddy took of Carson between the candles like it's a field-goal post:
Daddy caught this great moment on camera too, poor baby tipping over, we had to share it. At least it looks like I'm a good Mommy cause I am catching him. :(

This picture is little Carson smiling while his daddy is holding him and singing to him. Too cute!

We have 7 more nights of Hanukkah to celebrate, and although we will probably take pictures every night, we might not post them all to bore you. Many more pictures to come as we celebrate the upcoming holidays with our family in California!

Friday, December 4, 2009

6 weeks old!

Today Carson turned 6-weeks old! He is growing, healthy, happy and doing great. Jeff and I couldn't love him anymore... well, maybe if he slept a few more hours at night! ;)

We enjoyed our first Thanksgiving as a new family, and Grandmama and Grandad came in to spend the weekend with us. We loved being together, and are already looking forward to going to California for Christmas with the rest of the family.

Here are some pictures of our weekend together:

Our little turkey centerpiece. He looks pleased, right?

The happy family!

Here is Carson playing on his little mat:

More pictures and posts to come... Daddy returns home from a week in Boston (for business) in a few hours, and we just can't wait to see him!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Four weeks old?!?!

Wow, time flies...

Tomorrow Carson will be four weeks old. Although Jeff and I can't remember what it was like to be a couple with no children, it still doesn't seem like Carson is already four weeks old. We still are learning so much from him every day (to make sure he is happy), but we are getting better.

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks.

Carson as a pumpkin on Halloween (8 days old):

Jeff's parents came out to visit for 5 days, here is a picture of Jeff, Mandy and Jerry, and Carson:

Mr. Big Eyes (that's his nickname while he is awake for 6 hours a day!):

One more picture while he is sitting on Mom's lap watching TV:

Many more pictures to come. Sorry for the delay in updating, but Carson likes to be held and Mommy doesn't get a lot of time on the computer!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Our big day came a week early...

Carson William Schnell
Date - October 23, 2009
Time - 4:27 PM
Weight - 6 pounds, 15 ounces
Length - 19 inches

One week ago we welcomed our little boy to the world. It was a wonderful journey, and we are just so thrilled to have him at home, and doing perfectly well. Jeff and I now know what this new love is all about!!

Here are Jeff and I, about to go into the surgery room for the C-Section.

Here is our little baby, just after birth (and clean up in the nursery)

Daddy brings Baby into recovering Mommy!

Some of our many visitors included Grandmama and Grandad (Suzi's parents), and our nephews Dylan and Devan. Of course Auntie Michele came too, but we didn't have a photo with everyone in it.
Our other visitors have been - Gerry and Lynda Robbins, Uncle Michael and Auntie Erica, Aunt Maya, Kara, and Kourtney and Ben. More to come this weekend... lots of love for Baby Carson!! :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mandy and Jerry's 50th Anniversary Party

This post is VERY delayed...

Mandy and Jerry Schnell celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on October 4. Over Labor Day weekend, Jeff, Beth and Tracey threw them a party to celebrate the big occasion in Cincinnati. Unfortunately I couldn't be there, but the rest of the family was there to celebrate this wonderful milestone!

Enjoy a few pictures...

On the night that everyone arrived. Aunt Nancy and Kitty had already left at this point, but it was nice that everyone could be there to celebrate Mandy and Jerry's big day! The Hendrixsons flew in from Florida as a surprise... and Mandy was floored to see her brother and sister-in-law!

This picture is all of the "cousins" - Beth, Jeff, Brian, Tracey and Shari. Small family, but I think they are just right! :)

Here are the "bride and groom" getting ready to help themselves to the yummy buffet dinner at their party!

Mandy and Jerry with some friends who were also a part of their wedding 50 years ago.

Of course, there had to be a putting contest... which was won by TEAM SCHNELL (Jeff and Jerry)!
Big congratulations go out to Mom and Dad Schnell... for many more years of love and family fun!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Shower!

A week and a half ago Jeff and I traveled to Fresno for Carson's first baby shower. It was hosted at Linda Jensen's house, and my sister and friends put on a wonderful party.

Here is the awesome cake (sure wish I had some of those leftovers now):
Me, my mom Diane and my sister Michele:
Here is a picture of Linda and Corina and me all hanging out (kinda like the old days):
Brina, Darcy and me:
Me and my long-lost college friend Samantha... so good to see her again!!

Me and Carson with the cake! :)
Michele played an awesome game of "Memory" with baby things. It was too clever!
These cute gift bags were for everyone to fill up with candy as their favor.
Here is the wide selection of goodies for everyone to choose from. Of course, all the candy matched the shower colors!
Opening gifts! This is a scrapbook my mom made for Carson. It is an A B C book - this page is "A for Aunties" and has a picture of all of his aunts. SO cute!!
Here is a cute "I love Mommy" outfit for Carson to wear. (Thanks Brina!)
Super cute Fresno State blanket that was made for us by Nana Shirley!
What a great weekend with family and friends, and a wonderful day. We know Carson will never have to want for anything, he has so many people that love him already... what a lucky kiddo!

So sorry for the delay in posting these pictures. Since I wasn't the photographer at this event, I had to seek out the pictures and download them from those who did take pictures. :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ben and Kourtney tie the knot!

We just returned from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin where we spent the weekend with our good friends Kourtney and Ben to celebrate their wedding.

We arrived on Friday afternoon and went to the golf course for a rehearsal, and then headed to Ben's aunt's house for the rehearsal dinner. It was a wonderful crab-boil held outdoors with views of the lake. It was a beautiful night and so nice to be outside celebrating the pending big day. Here is a picture of the pile of shrimp, crab, corn, and sausage - all made for finger-licking fun!

Here is Ben perched high over his party giving a thank-you speech to everyone for coming. Kourtney didn't want to climb up with him...

Here is me and Jeff - we were on top of this awesome slide they had - so we could see the lake (you can kinda see it in the background).

Here is a view of everyone else playing kick-ball, too fun!

Jeff and I stayed up at the to to wait for this beautiful sunset!

On Saturday, we had an even more wonderful day. Here is the happy couple - Ben and Kourtney BUCK!
Here is the location of the first 1/3 of their wedding ceremony - on the 10th tee box...

All was going along great until it started to rain (you can see it in the picture below) but then 10-seconds later the skies open up in an all-out downpour, and everyone had to run for cover! Also, maybe you can tell in the picture below just how much I am showing... my baby bump was in full effect!

The second 2/3 of the ceremony took place inside the clubhouse (as seen below) after we all dried off with towels and took a few minutes to get it all together.

Nothing could stop this happy couple - they were just as thrilled to say I-do (and kiss) indoors as they would have been outside!
We had a great weekend with The Bucks in Wisconsin. Next up, a baby for Carson to play with!!