Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lullaby Lane!

Today Jeff and I went shopping in San Bruno at The Gevertz' baby-wonderland Lullaby Lane. We found the perfect baby furniture for Carson's new room, with thanks to Mom, Dad, Michele, Dylan and Devan! We had a great time finding all the right stuff, and are so excited to have the big delivery to our house in a few weeks.

Here is the crib we chose. It looks darker in the pictures, and it is a little dark - kind of a cherry wood. (Big thanks to Mom and Dad Schnell for buying this crib for their grandkiddies to have sweet dreams in!!)

The matching changing table/dresser that also came with a hutch to go over the top for once the kids no longer need to be changed on top. Big thanks to Mom and Dad Scott for buying this furniture for the kiddies, we know they will use it forrrreeever! (Especially since Pup can't build furniture to be delivered all over the country!)

Here are the two pieces side by side. We liked the shape of everything with the round shapes - it looks great in person!

Here is all the stuff loaded up in Dad's truck. Big thanks to the Gevertz Family for buying us our super cute orange and grey stroller combo! Score!!

After our shopping extravaganza Mom and Dad took us out to a lovely Italian lunch in downtown San Bruno. Here are Michele and I with our boys! :)

These pictures are from last night hanging out at Grandmama and Ishbobo's house in Ceres!
Dylan with his grill (like Auntie):
Devan swimming - he was so cute jumping in off the sides yelling "jump, jump!"

Dylan hanging out in the spa with his Uncle Jeff and Grandad:

We also have some cute pictures of Jeff and I together during our shopping trip... I will have to wait to get those from Mom so we can upload them on here.
The weekend flew by, but we had a good time and always love spending time with the family!

Melissa and Shannon's Baby Shower!

This weekend we traveled to California for Melissa's baby shower, and to visit our family. Melissa and Shannon had a couples-shower which was fun because we got to see all our friends, and the hubbys too!

Here are some pictures of the BBQ shower!

This picture (L-R) is Amity who is Melissa's best friend, she is due August 15ish with a girl (Nyla). Melissa in the middle who is due September 1 with a girl too (Elliott). And then me, due October 30 with Carson!

Here is the super cute shower cake!

Melissa, Darcy and me - best friends forever! Darcy is the only non-preggo, you'll see her super cute son, Sean, below.

Jeff getting ready to have a baby boy - this is Sean, Darcy's son who is now just a few days shy of 11 months!

Melissa and Shannon and all their loot!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

B O Y !

On Monday we found out the answer to the million dollar question... we are having a boy!! We couldn't be more thrilled to be welcoming our first born, and a son, we just have so much to look forward to.

And now, we are half-way through with this pregnancy... 20 more weeks until we get to see his precious face!